Devon odyssey 1 - colours

I have not long returned from a few days in Devon.  I visited quite a few gardens and yes there will be a few posts from this trip, but I had to start with the overwhelming thing that struck me throughout my trip.
The white, pink and gold of the hedgerows was amazing.  I spent a lot of time driving down single-track roads with high banks at each side and on many were the tiers of colour made up from the cow parsley, red campion and buttercups.
Sometimes a peep of blue from bluebells was there.
Sometimes there was white stitchwort too, but the holy trinity remained a constant theme as I drove along.
and yes, I did stop on the road to take these photos, I found a gateway and pulled in as I could not miss the opportunity to catch these colours.  This was not without risk as a car could have come along and squidged me, though I reasoned I would hear it before it arrived.  Driving on these roads was a real experience for a towny like me, the sheer terror that something might be coming the other way on some of the sharp, blind, bends was enough to keep me alert at all times.  This meant I had time to appreciate the wonderful colours around me (I did watch the road as well as the roadside - honest!)
It also made me think about the carefully constructed wild gardens at Chelsea Flower Show and suchlike.  They are beautiful and always so carefully and accurately done, but nothing, nothing could beat the sheer beauty of the real thing.


  1. Here here ! Maybe we need to be brave enough to allow this to happen in our gardens ?


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