How one plant can make a big difference

On a recent trip to Coton Manor, Northamptonshire, I bought an Erodium Pelargonflorum.  It says on the label it is "THE MOST asked about Spring flower'.  It is particularly noticeable in the garden growing in the cracks between the flagstones near the Garden School classroom.  So, after visiting there for many years I finally got around to buying one.
I love the delicate veins and splodges of colour in the petals.  They look beautifully fragile.
They look like pelargoniums, but are different (in some way I can't tell, but that is what it says on the label).  They are tough as old boots too, which is a very good thing.
After some thought I planted it into this pot and then wandered around deciding where to put it.  I placed it on the garden table, next to where I sit for tea breaks when gardening.  This seemed a fairly simple act when I did it, but it has made a significant difference.  I can see the plant when I am at the kitchen window.  Mainly from the kitchen I can see the greenhouse and the vegetable beds.  Nice and useful as they are, they are not the most decorative part of my garden.  The simple act of putting this plant on the table has become (maybe temporarily, maybe not) a real focus as I work in the kitchen.  Just looking at the plant makes me smile.  It is just one plant, yet it has made a positive, small yet distinct, difference.  Just think how wonderful it will be when it bulks up!


  1. And such a feel-good 'feeling' is of course exactly what gardening should be about producing. The comment I value most from all our clients was 'Every time I look out at it (her garden) I smile'!!

    1. I agree - gardening is all about that smile moment - when you just enjoy what you are looking at.


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