Chelsea Flower Show - somethings that glister are gold

I have been going to RHS Chelsea Flower Show for ten years now and I always enjoy it.  Some years the gardens impress me more than others and sometimes the weather is kinder than others.  This year was a good year on all counts.  The gardens were generally excellent and the weather beautiful and sunny.  I considered doing a general review of the day but I decided to focus on the one garden that I enjoyed the most.
The Homebase Teenage Cancer Trust garden designed by Joe Swift really caught my eye and the reason is fairly straightforward; it was the use of colour.
These striking arches that take you through the garden were beautifully spaced and the shapes reflected in the pools and paths that kept the linear theme.
The bronze colour of the arches is also reflected in the planting, here at the side and also at the front in the Iris Langport Wren..

Now all that is quite nice, pleasant in fact.  It was as I walked around the corner of the garden though that (in my opinion) the proportions and colour really came together.
Here the spacing of the arches works really well.
It was however, the placing of these trees, Prunus Amber Beauty, whose bark perfectly matches the arches and the planting that really took my breath away.  Quite often I find for me that with these gardens it is one aspect that makes all the difference.  The trees are perfectly spaced, their height works with the height of the arches and they  make a statement but are not over-done.

This is why this garden was the highlight for me.


  1. I agree with you about this garden. Probably my favourite too. The way the tree bark complemented the wood was uncanny!

  2. I loved this garden. Loved the colours, the wooden screens, the water - everything. For someone doing their first garden at chelsea, it was incredibly accomplished - but then Joe Swift has been a garden designer for a long time. The proportions were perfect, I thought.

  3. I wish I could go to Chelsea! Just felt like a bit of a whine. Carry on.


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