Are tulips annual bedding?

or a response to Dan

I read Dan Pearson's column in the Observer routinely.  It is fair to say that I enjoy his writing very much.  I own a couple of his books too and I like their gentle but confident style.  So as usual one of my first things to do on a Sunday is to look to see what he has written this week, and this week it was about tulips.  In particular, looking to find tulips that will regrow every year rather than growing them as bedding plants.
Now this may be where my experience/gardening routine differs from other peoples.  I am not a trained gardener, I am an obsessive hobbyist.  I do read a lot of gardening magazines/articles and have been known to watch the odd TV gardening programme too.  I have seen before advice about how to plant tulips, often suggesting they are planted in baskets so they can be lifted easily because they are not reliable and should be seen as annual bedding.
Confession time:  I have never lifted a tulip in my life.  I have no time for such jobs.  I do grow dahlias so I am used to lifting them each Autumn, it is not that I am opposed in principle to such an act, but in my experience tulips usually flower again.  Sometimes they have a bit of a weak second year, but then they usually come back ok; or not, but I would not say as Dan does that they 'rarely' come back.  Anyway, if they do not come back I do not really notice (sorry).  Maybe its because I am still creating borders and still planting up new areas each year, but in general I plant some more tulips every year and every year I have more in total.  Even better, as mentioned in another tulip-related post, I am now growing more species tulips that bring the added joy of potential self-seeding.
Obviously my experience and needs as a hobbyist are totally different from a top flight designer, I know this.  For a start, I am not being paid by a client to provide a certain thing that will be expected to be there year on year and that does alter completely what I expect and do.  I can take a laissez-faire attitude as to whether they return or not, I have that luxury.  I am also not arguing for one moment with Dan's knowledge, I am not that arrogant, he must know more about these things than I could ever dream to, I know my place.  I do not though, regard tulips are bedding plants, that seems rather extravagant.