The haul

or how I braved freezing cold rain, hail, sun and even snow and still came through the other side smiling.

Today I went to a plant sale at Swines Meadow Farm Nursery, at Market Deeping.  It is only just over 30 miles from where I live, but a good hour's journey.  It is worth the journey though.  I have been to Colin and Karan's nursery before for a propagation workshop last year.  I will doing an update shortly on how my propagated plants have developed.  I digress, today I went east for a plant fair and to meet some people I know only through twitter.  This is always an interesting thing to do as we chat away happily to each other, day and day, but the actual meeting is not without nervousness.

The important thing of the day of is - what did I come home with.  Well, the Caltha palustris (marsh marigold) above is for the pond.

This is a new plant to me, Cardamine Digitata.  This is for my woodland border.  I think it is  very pretty.  Sort of wafty and pinky.

How gorgeous and dark is this?  Fritillaria Uva Vulpis.  That will go in the woodland border too.

I used to grow this at a previous house, so I jumped at the chance to get another Centaurea Montana today.  The lady who sold it me advised me to cut it back hard after its first flowering as  that will encourage it to flower again.  I shall follow instructions.

I have tried to grow Lathrys Vernis from seed several times and always failed.  When I mentioned this to the stallholder she advised that I give the seeds a cold period outside, they need variation in temperature to get them going.  I might have to try that too.

This is Geranium Sherwood.  I used to have one of these too at a previous house.  The one I had before was bought from East Lambrook Manor many years ago but it died.  I am hoping for more longevity this time.

Some garlic chives - always useful

Chilli Rocoto Red.  I have a crop of chillis growing already, but not one of these and I do like variety.  Also apparently this one will over-winter, now that is a bonus as I struggle to keep them going usually.

A strawberry plant - not a fruit I actually like, but my son put in a request that I grow some so I am just doing as I am told.

Davidia Involucrata.  Everyone should find space for this tree as it has glabrous leaves.  One of the best. words. ever!

I also bought this Liriodendron Tulipifera 'Roodhaan'.  I bought one from elsewhere last year but it didn't survive the drought.  So this is its second and last chance.  There isn't the threat of drought this year is there........?  (ok, I know).

This is another new plant to me, Rehmannia elata - the Chinese foxglove.  Apparently it is easy to grow from seed but not very hardy.  I shall definitely be collecting the seeds, the flowers are a beautiful fresh pink.  I can't wait until it flowers.

and finally, the bargain of the day, this Magnolia Stellata which was an amazing £10 and so jumped into my car without a second glance.  Gorgeous or what!

Now the day was huge fun.  It was largely funded from my poker winnings on Friday night (I came second so left the night with £20 more than I went in with - we are not exactly hardened gamblers!)  It meant I could buy and not really worry too much as it was money I hadn't expected to have.  I also had a great time meeting the twitter folk who all turned out to be as lovely in real life as they are in the twittersphere. 

The plants are now stored in the greenhouse as I am expecting some cold nights this week.  I thought I would give them a little protection for the next week before launching them out into the world.

I drove home through more hail, sun and horizontal blizzarding snow, but it was a day that definitely ended with a happy sigh.


  1. I've grown Lathyrus from seed and it definitely germinates well through neglect so sow and leave outside somewhere

    A good haul

  2. What a fabulous selection of plants, I especially like the Fritillaria. Now for a game of poker, on second thoughts I couldnt bluff my way out of a paper bag.

  3. Love the fritillaria and Magnolia too, but my garden is too small for the Davidia

  4. You have some gems there Alison :) I have had a similar windfall on the lottery which I've put aside for a splurge at Malvern. Your Chinese foxglove looks huge - have never seen one for sale as big as that. Have grown it from seed and it's a most attractive plant.


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