I broccled

It has taken a long time.  I bought six broccoli plug plants in May last year and planted them into my raised beds.
They grew really well, I was very pleased with them but I knew from long experience that growing broccoli was easy.  I have grown it from seed many times and it grows well.  The tricky bit is actually getting it to broccle without caterpillers eating it or the frost mushing it to nothing.
 So I watched it carefully all year.  It grew.  It didn't broccle.
It got to keep winter, frost and snow landed on it.

No broccle.

Then - joy of joys, suddenly a couple of weeks ago the signs of broccling could be seen.
I waited,

and waited,
then I did my first small harvest.  Steamed them carefully - and yes, they were good.

I can say with confidence now - I am a broccler.