Of Shadows

We had a significant layer of snow last week that lasted for many days.  It was a little topped up the other night, but mainly it was one big snowfall that remained frozen on the ground.  It is very cold whilst I write this, the day is not expected to get above freezing; but the sun is shining and the sky is blue and it is a glorious looking day.  I went for a wander around the garden with my camera, not really with much in mind, just checking on how things were doing really under their blanket of snow.
The birds have been feeding from the bird table.
The cats have also been out and about, mainly my youngest cat and the older ones are virtually not moving away from the warmth of the house.
Yet it was the shadows that really caught my eye.
The combination of sun and semi thawed snow created some wonderful lines.  The plants, freed from their snowy hats but still surrounded by the cold make points of colour throughout the garden.
The emerging bulbs are piercing through waiting for their moment to burst into life.

The fragility of the snow, the will of the plants to survive and the cold bright sunlight creating the shadows made it rather an ethereal experience for by that very sun that made the shadows, heralds the inevitable thaw.


  1. Wonderful - the great thing about having a camera in your hand is that we see photographic opportunities which others would not have noticed. Lovely post :-)

  2. We never see snow on the ground here, so I love these kinds of scene. Deep blue shadows on white sparkling snow - magical!

  3. Papaver, I too like the shadows on the snow. Have taken many photos of that type. There is something about the "lines" that I see in such photos. Glad you like them too. Jack

  4. That photograph of the dark flower, is it an Iris? ...........surviving the snow and holding her head up with such pride is really beautiful. We had no snow, a mixed blessing, but it would be a wonderland for the happy photographer, wonderful shadows:~))

  5. Love the Iris - such a beautiful rich colour against the snow.


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