It snowed

So the great winter snow of 2012 has arrived in Leicester.  It started snowing mid afternoon and continued for longer than I remembered to keep looking.  The snow started out at as the powdery fine stuff, that looks fairly harmless but you realise you are soaking wet after wandering around in it for a short while.  Later it moved on to proper, big, chunky flakes that knit together and start to really settle.  The incredibly cold few days we had prior to this snow fall helped it settle quickly, the ground was already frozen solid.
Because I don't have to be anywhere this weekend, I can have the luxury of finding it all rather magical.  The garden is covered by the blanket of snow and the ever-noisy ring-road near by is virtually silent.  It makes for a quiet calmness that whilst brief, is beautiful.
It is hard to find unbroken snow in the garden.  I have too many cats and there are too many foxes around here so some one is always wandering around on it.
I love how snow disguises things.  It makes the world lumpy and knobbly, but in a smooth smooth kind of way.
Snow balances precariously.  It makes little baskets of snow and hangs on in a fragile stillness until the thaw or a breath of wind shakes it free.
Sometimes it looks quite improbable how it is still managing to hang together.  Once the sun gets on this it will soon fall.

The snow may well be gone by tomorrow and as I have to drive to work tomorrow I hope that it has.  I can admire its beauty today, tomorrow I will have the terror journey down our lane before I can reach a gritted road (if, of course, it has actually been gritted).  Its less than half a mile, but when it is solid ice I hate it.  Until then I will stoke up the fire, ensure endless cups of tea are on hand and sit back an enjoy.


  1. Snow does make for such beautiful photographs! Gorgeous!

  2. We haven't had any snow yet up here in Wales but your photos are very beautiful. I love the way snow both disguises and enhances, makes the structures of things clear while blanketing the muddy bare patches in the paths. It is a bit easy to get snowed in up here though. I love getting snowed in from time to time but I am not sure I am ready right now!


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