Calm litte moments

"I like these calm little moments before the storm, it reminds me of Beethoven" (Leon - Luc Besson 1994)  This is one of my favourite movie lines ever, whilst this film is somewhat violent it is an incredible film with great performances but in particular Gary Oldman is at his best and most evil.  The line leads into a scene of Gary Oldman totally out of control, terrifying his victims and his team alike.

So why is this on my mind now?  For most of the last couple of weeks the garden has been frozen solid, then this week it has warmer and even could have been described as mild for a couple of days.  The days are now noticeably longer and it feels like we are just waiting, waiting for the real signs of Spring.  When walking around the garden to see what is happening and despite the recent cold, the signs of life are emerging.
They are little hints that life is returning.  Oh I know that the snowdrops are up and doing their thing and so are the winter iris, but the main storm of spring growth is still some weeks away.  It is still like the garden is holding its breath, it wants to get going but winter has not loosened its grip yet.
But spring will come, like Gary Oldman, it is waiting in the lobby to start the storm of growth that peaks through summer and lasts well into autumn.