(shouts ta da! dons sparkly leotard and waggles about like a magicians assistant)

 February 9th is the first anniversary of this blog.  It started very small, no really very small.  My first post had one viewer and that was probably me before I learned how to remove my viewings from the stats.  To call it a tentative toe in the water is disrespectful to the words tentative, toe and water, it was tantamount to hiding it behind the sofa.  I was greatly lacking confidence in those early days, still do sometimes now but then I am known for being a shy retiring soul (shush, don’t spoil this, they are believing me).

Writing this blog has changed the way I look at things, I make notes all the time now about things I might blog about at some point.  There are half-sentences and reminders stored in my phone so that I will get back to them at some point.  So many random ideas that flick through my brain become translated into the blog.  Some work, some do not.  There are some drafted half ideas that still I can’t quite make into a sensible post, yet I still can’t quite delete them yet as I think there is something there if I can just get the right handle on it.

So – happy birthday blog – its been a fun year and I’ve enjoyed sharing it more than I imagined that I would, here’s to year 2!