The Imperial March

Now I have to start by saying I am not actually a huge Star Wars fan.  My younger brother and son are (though they will explain which films in which order for claritys sake) and yes I have been known to use light saber chopsticks from time to time.  I have watched nearly all the films (I haven’t seen the last one, episode 3) but I fully acknowledge the significance Star Wars has had on our culture today.

When ever I consider the building of evil empires then the Imperial March pops into my head.  It would be wrong of me to imply that I consider my garden an evil empire and yet as I develop it further each year, when I remove more grass and tame more weeds (or fail to tame more weeds- the weeds are the Rebel Alliance I am sure) then I do sometimes consider is what I am doing benign/of benefit and of benefit to whom?

Oh I grow lots of native plants/trees, but also some non natives.  I have also planted lots of wild flowers in the wild bit of the garden and this year in particular I can see that they are really starting to spread and mature.  This is all to the good – I think?  Did Darth Vader think he was doing the right thing…..?

I have to question sometimes whether my garden happier when it was just lawn?   Did it like just being mowed every now and again and not being constantly bothered by me to do a variety of what I think are interesting and exciting things?  Yet now with less lawn I see it as having more freedom, more variety and diversity, so I tell myself that I released the garden, gave it the ability to have more potential - but have I?

Am I Darth Vader or the Rebel Alliance?  I am not sure that thinking in terms of good and bad are helpful, really is it about different points of view - or is that falling for relativism?  Are the people who plant petunias everywhere the Darth Vaders of gardening?  Is guerrilla gardening just imposing your will on other territories?  and if it is, does that make it a bad thing or a good thing or is it just a thing and totally dependent on what you actually do?  (the latter is the important bit I think).

See – so many questions – yet the biggest question of all remains the carpenter question.


  1. Bit of a Catch 22 going on with your garden by the sounds, who is ruling who. Once a garden is started and established, it is hard to not get embroiled in a cross over of friendly fire. With vision and dedication from the gardener, to ever improving and tending, I think a garden equally holds the heart strings of control, so who exactly is the Darth Vadar or Rebel Alliance is hard to define.

  2. I think you may be over thinking it all!!!
    Isn't it just a place to express and enjoy yourself whilst retaining some kind of balance as regards nature, wildlife, etc. Or maybe these speculations as to your role are all part of the enjoyment!
    Does sealing wax feature anywhere?

  3. No sealing wax - do I need sealing wax? Ooh ..... Yes I do tend to over think especially about things that amuse me. Thanks for the comments.

  4. I love this. My garden is much wilder than yours being really just a bit of field with some new plants in, but I do find myself wondering if my tentative, native plants, forest gardening, not too intrusive efforts are a good thing or does the land want to be what it was? I don't think I am much of a Darth Vader though, whatever the answer. My breathing is too good.

  5. Sorry to say, I think you may be Darth Vader. But I will need to see you in the helmet and cloak (oh and hear you doing the weird breathing thing) to be sure. Please oblige.


  6. @david. Ok - here goes: stomp stomp swish, stomp, swish, wheeze, wheeze, swish, stomp


  7. Blimey, that's uncanny Alison. Uncanny. You'll be telling me you're my Father next!

  8. David - I think we need a chat about the lack of fathers day card last year, I think you forgot to send me one - I'm hurt


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