Find a dolphin in a rose

Now I admit  when I first saw this I had no idea what the title of this post means.  Someone found my blog through using those search words.

Being a curious sole I did the same search and I found this:

This seems to answer question quite neatly.  I had to stare at it quite a bit I confess.  I am useless at these sort of vision games.  I can stare at Magic Pictures for ever and I never see the sailing ship or a schooner, I just get a headache.

Still, a nice rose nonetheless and an amusing five minutes whilst I pondered on it.

I have had some other interesting and at times puzzline seach words that have found my blog, but this one is probably the most enigmatic to date.

For those of you who care, it picked up my blog because of this post



  1. Hi,

    I spotted the Dolphin instantly, sorry...
    I have difficulty with the magic eye things too, mainly because my brain is wired up wrong and I see the images inverted rather than sticking out in 3d. So it can take me a while to understand what I'm looking at as it just looks like loads of mountains and contours.

    I'm beginning to think I'm the only person in the blogging world who doesn't have strange search words on their blog.... Rather disappointed in fact.

  2. Now I see it every time, it took a while the first time, I get some great search terms to my blog that lead to weird male models and all sorts!

  3. Very strange search words...i keep hoping for some interesting ones on mine...

  4. I looked and looked and only saw it after checking the comments and finding that others saw it instantly.


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