The story behind the name

Following on from the post from Helen, the Patient Gardener, which in turn came from a question set by The Garden Faerie I thought I would also write a short post explaining why my garden is called as it is.

Except its sort of obvious really.  My garden is surrounded by thick blackberry bushes creating the best natural razor-wire boundary hedge that it is possible to have.  To say the brambles are fierce is an understatement.  Blackberries self-seed all over my garden and I spend a lot of time weeding them out.

Now this is all good, and every summer I nurture dreams of blackberry and apple crumble/cake/jam and many other combinations.  Of course so does everyone else in the area and in particular the little old lady who comes down the lane and takes the lot.  It is like the passing of a plague of locusts.  One minute the bushes are heavy with blackberries, the next they are all empty.  Bless her!

So a dull post really - nothing exciting, nothing deep and no great philosophical revelations.

I suppose I could explain what ozhene means in the webaddress of this blog.........'s hebrew for blackberry.