The first settling

and so we have had the first settling, the snow has arrived for this winter.

There was not a lot - a brief sprinkling that has hardly knitted together to make a layer.  But snow it is and as exciting as ever.  Will I ever stop being excited by the wonder of snow?  Of course when I have to drive in it it becomes less exciting,  then it is  more like barely contained terror.  The road I live on is never gritted, getting to the nearest main road is a short drive and yet perilous in snow and ice.  So with this excitement comes great fear - which of course is the premise that the Theme Park is created for (and probably why I don't go to Theme Parks either).

The snow brings some mysteries to light. 

I don't think this photograph shows it very well, but a narrow path/trail has become visible in this light snow.  It runs from part of the hedge down towards the house.  I assume it is probably foxes, I have many living around me, but to see this track was quite a wonder.
I love the pristine, untrodden path from the house to the driveway.  Even a cat hasn't walked on this year - and with the amount of cats I have that is quite an achievement.
The trees look cold, everything looks cold.  I can understand why this magnolia tree has fluffy sepals protecting next year's flowers from the worst of this weather.

The pattens created by my prairie borders have probably given me the most amusement leaving me wondering whether this large V sign can be seen from the sky?  Would it be interpreted as a comment on the world or maybe I harbour hopes that Eric Von Danikan will hear of this phenomena and liken it to the Nazca Lines in Peru? The possibilities are endless.
and then the sun starts to come out heralding the start of the thaw, by midday little of the snow is left and life continues as usual.