The order of the rose

Joy of joys!  Not only have I got a couple of days off - the sun is shining and my rose order has arrived.

Last year when my rose order arrived we were experiencing seriously hard frost.  I could not even heel them in as the ground was frozen solid.  I planted them in compost in the greenhouse in large tub in an effort to keep them alive and thankfully all but two survived and I'm not sure if it wasn't the drought that actually killed them.

This year however, within 45 minutes of being received they were in the ground and watered, I think it is the first time I have ever got them in their final position.  I think this bodes well for them.

Of course at the moment they do not look very exciting, but to me they are very exciting and I can't wait to see them flourish and flower next year.

So - the order of the rose:

1 x Rosa Hyde Hall to patch the hole in the new hedge, I had two roses fail last year and one was part of the newly planted rose hedge.  Of course it is planted a little out of line of the other roses to avoid planting in the same place, but I am hoping that once it is growing well that will not be noticeable.

1 x Rosa Hilda Murrell - because

2 x Rosa Sir Clough - obviously anything that makes me think of Sir Clough Williams Ellis and Portmeirion is likely to find a place in my garden.  I have planted one in Matt-cat's favourite place to remind me of him.

1 x Rosa Ferdinand Pilcher - this came from many recommendations following my post about stripey roses

and finally 1 x Rosa Glorie de Dijon in memory of a good friend who died earlier this year.

I love rose planting time of year.


  1. Dear Alison, I feel your excitement! Can't wait to see your roses in bloom next year. P. x

  2. You're obviously 'Rosewoman' and who can blame you? I moved loads of roses this year in June of all times from rose sick ground and they are already happier. So I too am looking forward to flowering time.

  3. I am very impressed at the speed with which they went into the ground! my roses waited a week before they went anywhere.


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