Word of the day

I often have a word of the day.  Not an official one, this is not a challenging quest I set myself, it is more of a ‘that word is stuck in my brain’ sort of day.
The other day word stuck in my head was exotic.  It started with a discussion about meatloaf (food not ageing rock star/actor beloved of Rocky Horror and Waynes World).  Meatloaf and recipes thereof had been high on my agenda for a couple of days and I had finally left one baking in the slow cooker for the day.  A key ingredient was ketchup, not something I cook with often.  This led to a discussion about other ketchup related recipes which led in turn to ‘sweet and sour’ which inevitably led to pineapple as I don’t eat sweet and sour food as I don’t like pineapple.  From there we rambled on into pizzas as I wondered whether Hawaiian pizza was still a thing; apparently it is – and it is made exotic by the addition of pineapple.  So there you have it, I was set for a day of ‘exotic’.
and it made be briefly think about exotic planting
and at the end of the day I went home and had very non-exotic meatloaf
oh - and please, when reading this - you have to pronounce 'exotic' as Waynetta does.