The First Four Years

September 10th marks the fourth anniversary of my moving into this house.  The house became mine on the 6th, I planted my tree fern and a canna in the garden on the 7th and I actually moved in properly on the 10th.  Yes, I started planting before I had even slept here!
There was not much in the way of planting here when I moved in.
But crikey the potential was just amazing.
I planted.
Work areas were developed.

Flowers flowered.
The wild meadow got going.
There have been winters.
There have been Springs
The cats settled in and the pond was created.
I have had some of the lowest times ever in this house and yet also some of the happiest.  Its only been four years, the garden bears no recognition to what it looked like when I moved in.  I bought this house because of the garden and I will stay in this house because of the garden.  Well, for the meantime anyway......