End of Month Review - September

I could almost review September from just this photograph.  It has been a month of great beauty, with latterly incredible sun and even some much needed rain earlier in the month.

However I will go on to show the parts of the garden I am reviewing this time.
The gravel garden corner is really looking good.  I am happy with the mix of self-seeded verbena bonariensis, the erigeron karvinskianus, rosemary and sea hollies.  I am hoping it continues to self-seed and develop.
Vegetable wise the broccoli is still growing, but suddenly looking a little holy in places.  I think as usual I will probably not harvest any, this is probably my last attempt.
The wallflowers are ready to go out, I have some time off work in the next couple of weeks so they will get put out soon.
I like the nasturtians running through the stachys.  Not a planned look, but one I am definitely enjoying.

Also not planned are these self-seeded stachys in my amazing retro crazy paving (as Dr Who would say, crazy paving is cool now). 
This is my favourite dahlia, a Twinings variation.  It has flowered and flowered and flowered.  Such a good doer.
These yellow dahlias are from the Bishops Children seed mix.  I have remained unsure of them.  Sometimes I have found their yellow cheerfulness a great thing, today I didn't quite get the love for them. 
This red one though, that is a great one and one of my current favourites.
These persicaria orientalis have grown from see this year.  They are over six foot tall.  I love them to bits!
They have great flowers when looked at closely.
Equally stunning are these perennial helianthus.  They are looking great this time of year.  A real flash of colour.
I still have some roses, this is Gertrude Jekyll, a great rose.  The Cosmos Purity I have stopped deadheading so that I can collect seed.  I have even had to buy some brown paper bags so that I can collect in traditional fashion.

The prairie borders are underwhelming at the moment, but next year.......
The foliage on the Medlar tree is starting to turn, the little hard fruits are sitting there being hard and looking like a cat's bottom.
and this milk thistle seedling is an unexpected returner.  I grew several of these from seed about three years ago, they self seeded a bit at the time and I moved on to grow other plants.  Suddenly this seedling has appeared from no-where.  Very pleased to see it.
The zinnias are mixing with the Cosmos Dazzler and the Stipa Gigantica.  they have looked really good this year.
and the pond, my poor long-suffering, drought hit pond.  Still incredibly low.  We are still in need of rain.

Thanks as ever to Helen, the PatientGardener for hosting this meme.


  1. you have some beautiful flowers still growing and I love your gravel garden, even up where I am until a few weeks ago it has been dry this summer but not hot we have had cold north winds most of summer, Frances

  2. I am jealous of your Dahlias well in fact of anyone's Dahlias as none of mine have flowered. I like your Perscaria, I cant believe you grew it from seed, I must try it next year

  3. Thanks both, I am pleased with the dahlias I admit - and I shall definitely grow the persicaria again - its a delight

  4. Some lovely flowers still blooming away - and I did laught at your (very accurate) description of medlars!

  5. The pic at the top is great! Sunbeams in September - lovely.

  6. So glad you found my blog so I could find yours! I love it, and to be honest, you had me at the Dr Who quote.

  7. Hi Lyn - thanks - just can't beat Dr Who :-)


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