California dreaming

A few weeks ago I used this photograph of Eschscholzia californica, the Californian Poppy as my Wordless Wednesday picture.
Janet left a comment asking for more photos as this flower opened.  I am happy to oblige:
Such a beautiful flower.  It took me several attempts to get these allegedly easy plants to grow, but once I managed to get them going they now self-seed around beautifully.

Simply stunning!


  1. It seems to change colour as it opens. A garden near us has sown the seed in gravel. It looks wonderful when it flowers.

  2. Thanks, I think it does need hot well drained conditions, where it grows best in my garden is quite poor soil, but it seeds around now like crazy.

  3. Not sure why it took so long for me to start growing this. I have known and loved it for ages. This is the first year I have grown it myself. Next year I will have bucket loads.

  4. The Californian Poppy is so very special, terrific photos. We tried growing these in Aberdeen, I persisted for a good few years without success, Summer is just too cool here.

  5. Lovely photographs. I am filled with envy - my Eschscholzia are nowhere to be seen. I've never had trouble with them before, though I'm encouraged by the fact that you say yours took a while to get started. I think perhaps mine have become overwhelmed by other vegetation.


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