The Art of Fine Deadheading

"Close my eyes and go to sleep
It's not as easy as it seems,
Close my eyes and go to sleep
I'm jumping fences, counting sheep
I'm counting fences, jumping sheep
I'm fencing jumpsuits in my sleep
I'm counting fencing, I can't think"  (Sleep (Fingers Lullaby)  written by Johnny Fingers, from 'The Art of Fine Surfacing' The Boomtown Rats)

Its been busy at work lately.  Actually its been really busy at work lately.  Not sure I am getting this across accurately or with enough feeling, its been really really busy at work lately.
At times like this when it is all go and there are lots of competing priorities (which is all the time), I love this time of year most of all.  There is nothing better after a long day than the evening garden inspection/wander.
This involves getting home, getting changed and then heading straight for the greenhouse.  After inspecting that all is well in there and deciding whether it will need watering tonight or not, then it is pick up the secateurs and do the rounds.
I try and start in the front garden, because I actually quite often don't and so it is not really as looked after as it should be.  One day I will be happy with my front garden, but not yet.

Then it is head out into the back garden.  I try and do the route from different directions as if I look from different angles I will notice different things.  As I go round I deadhead and its not a vicious dead-heading.  I don't use it to vent anger or transfer feelings, it is about absorbing myself in what needs to be done and clearing my mind of anything else.  The cosmos, dahlias and roses need regular attention and it is for me the most stress-releasing, gentle wind down possible.  This simple routine grounds me nicely and by the time it is done I am in a fit state to start dinner preparation or whatever else I need to do in the evening.

Of course now the evenings are quickly starting to draw in.  Soon it will be too dark to carry out my summer routine.  Its not a good time of year when I can't see my garden until the weekends, but I cope.  I use my wind down time to catch up on the my garden reading and do my garden planning for the new growing season, which has almost the same wind down effect.


  1. I like to do my rounds in the morning, the cats follow me to make the most of my company before I disappear off to work, and the tranquility of the garden at first light keeps me sane for the rest of the day.

  2. That's what I like - just pottering round with a pair of secateurs a bit like the Stepford Wives, in my long apron and sun hat - not!

  3. I never seem to have time to do the rounds on a daily basis wish I did. I like your sunflower, is that Vanilla something, want to grow it on the plot next year

  4. @Helen - yes it's Helianthus Vanilla Ice - I grow it every year, very easy to germinate and great for cutting - keeps flowering for ages.


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