M'Lords and Ladies

We are now six months into the year and we move from phase one of flowering into the summer/autumnal phase.  This means many things but at the moment most noticeable is the plethora of seed heads currently appearing in my garden each with their own beauty.

This striped Nigella seed head is glorious and mixes with the still flowering Nigella in the garden.  It is the best of both worlds, such a good plant and it self seeds around so well.

It will be of no surprise that I have plenty of poppy heads too.  These are marvellously glaucus and look ready to burst, though there is a while before these will ripen fully.
These aquilegia seeds look like eyes, they shine so brightly.
The clematis seed head is brilliantly fluffy, and again it is still flowering so you get a wonderful mix of yellow flowers and fluffy seed heads.
This is one of my species tulips about to set seed.  The numbers of these tulips are slowly increasing in my garden and I have grown to love them very much.  I like growing tulips in general, they remind me of my maternal grandfather who had borders full of red and yellow tulips.  The species tulips are a relatively new discovery for me and they have so much to offer.
Not sure of the name of this plant, I bought it last year from Cottesbrooke Plant Fair and it has small daisy bright pink flowers.  It has settled in well and I grow it by the pond.  I love the small seed heads, not more than a centimetre across but perfect.
and then there is woad.  I started growing this a couple of years ago, it too self seeds well.  It has clouds of acid yellow flowers in spring when there is still not a lot of other colour in the garden and it keeps flowering for quite a while.  Then these veils of seeds appear, first green then turning to near black.  I am really pleased I started growing this on a whim, it is a great plant.

Winter seed heads are often displayed, but I like this phase of seed production, it is a good time of year when still all seems possible to achieve.  I suppose the word to sum it all up is fecund and on that note I shall stop for today with a little bit of Lords and Ladies, seems early for these berries but they are so beautiful.


  1. I like that u have ennobled us all!
    Yes seeds and flowers together great combo.
    And fecundity is a great word!

  2. You must be further along than we are. I have very few seedheads up here. Fabulous photos!

  3. The seed heads have a beauty all their own. We have lots of poppy seed heads already and as usual I'm looking at them thinking which ones was it I wanted to keep? Lovely photos. "Fecund" that will be my word for this week......

  4. lovely to find someone who adores seed heads as much as me. Beautiful photos. I'm looking forward to my woad (which I got from a car boot sale)flowering and going to seed.


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