The wild meadow

or more rightly, a slightly miffed bit of the garden
I know I am really lucky to have what is quite a large garden for a suburban house.  This garden is my dream come true and developing different bits of it gives me great happiness.  The lady who sold me the house showed me the garden and explained it was easy to look after, it was at that point only grass.  I have cut out borders and continue to plan new areas, but one of the areas that first seemed right to me was to develop a meadow/wild area in the top left hand corner.
I let the grass grow and I have planted in various native wild flowers bought as plugs.  These are now starting to come into their own in their third year of planting.

I mow paths through the grass for most of the year.  In September I get into 'grim reaper dude' mode and scythe it all down.  Buying a scythe was probably the most exciting thing ever, so easy to use, so sharp and very good for the hips!


The clover and the daisies are coming on well.

In the summer this part of the garden is alive with butterflies and moths.  The bees love it.   I am not a bee expert, but I have seen so many different types of bee since developing this area in the garden.

The feverfew grows well, but so do some other plants I am not so sure I want to see.  The nettles, thistles, dock and cuckoo weed can take over at times.  I sometimes spot-weedkill these to try and let the flowers come through.

The shorter grass in the paths allow flowers like this to spread, carpets of purple appear.

The lawn clover also grows well, attracting bees.

This area of the garden sometimes just looks a mess, sometimes it looks wonderful, at the moment its a bit half and half but in general it makes me happy.  It is not a lazy way of gardening as it does have to be managed, but it is worth it for all the wildlife it brings.  I could not truly call it a wild meadow, but it is untamed.


  1. How utterly wonderful! For humans and critters alike.x

  2. How lovely, I am jealous of your space.


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