End of month review - June

and so it is flaming June!  Well not very flaming though there have been a couple of very hot days, its been blowy June and quite dry June and actually a fairly meh June if truth be told.  I shall start this end of the month review with a view from the garden bench.  I have to say I am quite pleased with this view.  The self seeded vebascum are doing well and the Lychnis Coronaria is also looking splendid.
The roses are all steam ahead, with many coming to the end of their first flush of flowers.  This Rosa 'Young Lycidas' is a prolific flowerer.  The weight of its blooms are too much for its stems a lot of the time and I need to support it better than I do at the moment.  It does look lovely though here dipping its head to say hello to the foxgloves and Eschscholzia californica.
The sweets peas are just getting into the swing of things.  These are blooming wonderfully, but are ahead of my others which are still working up to their first flowers.  Cupani is probably my favourite sweet pea; so easy to grow, so pretty and such a scent!

The clover is enjoying the drought period we have had.  It has meant the lawn has not been cut very frequently and I have never seen so much clover as I have this year.  It is alive with bees all the time and even if it is cut down, it soon pops up again merrily.
The vegetables are also coming alot well.  The first crop of broad beans is now eaten and my peas have nearly finished their first crop too.  The cobra beans are just starting to develop and the first courgettes has been consumed.

The spinach has bolted, but I ate some and the pak choi has flowered (maybe I should have eaten that a little faster too!)  My broccoli is coming on a treat and I have eaten my first potatoes.  Last year I struggled with keeping control of my vegetable beds.  A moment's distraction meant a sea of weeds took over.  This year I have been far more careful and whilst it is by no means weed-free, I am happier with it.  I allow some poppies, nasturtians and marigolds to self seed around the vegetables a bit, I like the colour and also a bit of free spirit in an otherwise regimented space.
and the poppies, oh the poppies this year have been magnificent!  Many are going over to seed heads now, but June has seen some incredible flowers.  So many shades of red, purple, pink and violet.  Some single, some frothy multi-layered poppies.  June has been a month of poppies.
The little cherry tree is covered in cherries this year, it looks so beautiful and so far untouched by the birds.  it is kind of them to leave them on the tree for me, except I don't like cherries so really I am happy for the birds to enjoy them.
The pond is still very low.  We have had some rain in June, but the pond is very depleted.  It teams with life though.  There are tadpoles galore and little tiny froglets.  The water boatmen dance their ripples around the surface and dragon and damsel flies are frequent visitors.  This time last year though I had lots of dragonfly larvae emerging from the pond.  This year I have so far not seen any.  I worry a bit about this, but I can see the dragonfly dipping their tails into the water laying their eggs so I am hopeful that all is well.

That is it for this month's End of Month Review, an idea started by the Patient Gardener thanks Helen for making me consider by garden each month.