When the heavens finally opened

or 1.4mm of happiness

Its been fairly well documented that March and April this year have seen very little rain.  In my corner of Leicester the soil has dried to cracking point.  The thick clay of the garden kept precious moisture in for quite a while, but the past two weeks in particular have pushed it to the edge.

So it's predictable that we all rush out and take photographs of plants with raindrops on them.  It's predictable because a) it looks good and b) we are so flipping relieved we are finally getting some rain!

and yes, if I could keep the cats still long enough you would get a photograph of whiskers on kittens too (well, a big puppy of a kitten who could be confused for a bruiser of a cat these days)

enough already - its traditional to end with a song so:


  1. Well done! They are lovely. I rushed out to take photos on Thursday when it rained, was all excited all day to load them in the evening, only to find most were out of focus. I was so disappointed :-(

    Despite our rain, I have noticed that the soil is still really dry under the bushier plants so we need more. Over night for a week perhaps but dry during the day - wouldn't that be nice.

  2. yes my garden is not that damp really, rain has not penetrated very far at all. Need lots more rain yet to really make a difference - and yes, night rain please!

  3. The plants are just looking such much greener and lusher...and I can spend a day or two catching up with other things. Lovely photos. I've taken some too. I'm hoping mine are in focus....


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