Singing not miming

Glad that I live am I,
That the sky is blue;
Glad for the country lanes
And the fall of dew.

After the sun the rain,
After rain the sun,
This is the way of life,
Till the work be done.

All that we need to do,
Be we low or high,
Is to see that we grow
Nearer the sky.

(Lizette W Reese 1856 - 1935)

We used to sing this at infant school often.  Back when I was young enough to actually sing during morning assembly rather than mime the words grumpily at the back as became my practice in later years.  (now I don't even bother to mime, not that I am frequently in hymn singing situations).

I know I have already blogged about rain, and usually it is not something I would keep going on about, but the rain this week was much needed and it was good.  My ideal is sunny warm days and soaking rainy nights.

So this has been the song of this week.  We have had rain, we have had sun.  Everything is growing like crazy.

and yes, a bit more rain please, we are not through the woods yet.