Right seat, right place

I have four seats/benches currently in the garden.  They are in different positions and all but one get used by me regularly. 

Seat one - main resting seat in the back garden.  Often eat breakfast here and lunch.  If people come around we will sit at this table (there are other seats with it).  This seat gets the most sun virtually all day until late afternoon.

Seat two - pondering seat - this seat is at the bottom of the garden (or is it the top, depends which way up I am feeling).  It is more shady but it is a sheltered seat and I can listen to the wind in the trees when I sit here.  Also I get a different view of the garden so I quite often drink tea sitting here, particularly after cutting the lawn.  I think about what is working and what is not in the garden.  It is also in the wild/meadow area of the garden and it changes so much with the seasons.  Dog violets in the spring, now there are bluebells and in the summer the clovers and ox-eye daisies get going.  Plus the nettles and dandelions and thistles (damn them).

Oh and no prizes for guessing where the colour inspiration comes from.

Seat three - the evening seat.  This seat is shady when it is hot during the day and captures the late evening sun.  It is the bench to sit on at the end of the day with a glass of wine.  Quite often I sit on this bench and one of the cats will jump up next to me (usually Mat-cat).  Again it is a different view of the garden, but I often spy weeds from this bench so I am getting up and down because a weed once spotted has to be removed.

Seat four - I never sit on this bench, ever.  It is the cats' bench.  All of them take it in turns to laze around on it in the sun.  It overlooks the gravel garden which is developing quite well at the moment.  Maybe one day I will push the cats off it and use it.  There is no reason why I don't use it, or why I don't move it somewhere more useful.  It stayed where it fell on the day I moved in and it just seems right there.

and then there is seat five.  Actually there is no seat five, but I think there should be.  Just in the gap on the other side of the pond, next to what I fancifully call the 'dancing lawn' (fancifully as apart from pogoing many years ago, dancing is not something I am known for.)  I sit on the grass to look into the pond, marvelling at the tadpoles and waterboatmen and other wild life that thrives in there.  There are a lot of ants in my garden though, it might be better to buy a seat.


Predictable, but there was no getting away from it - lots of chairs in this video.


  1. You can never have too many seats in the garden from which to read, relax, ponder, plan, wine and dine. You are spoilt for choice :) Whatever happened to 'James' ?

  2. Love your seats! Can I come and sit in your garden and survey the view?

  3. @ronnietj28 you are welcome to come and drink tea in my garden anytime

  4. I have hardly any seats but thats because the garden slopes so much and to have seats mean levelling!!


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