You be dead

It is time to read out the roll call of plants that did not make it through the winter:

Ceaonthus - only just over a year old, sorry you didn't get to really get going.

Olive Tree bought ten years ago at the Eden Project, really sorry you have gone.   I vaguely hope that maybe there is a glimmer of hope for you, but I am not holding my breath.

Plant I bought at Tatton last year whose name I can't remember.  You were really quite pretty, but even being in the conservatory didn't save you.  Sorry.

Manx Fuschia - goodbye, maybe one of your cuttings has survived, but you were the original plant and I am surprised that you didn't cope, but sorry all the same.  You were rather fine.

My dear tree fern.  In reality you died last year and yet I still can't quite dig you up - just in case, just in case.......

Is it really that.....
but you're not dead - you are amazing and beautiful and bring total joy