Not keen

There are plants that I like and plants that I don't like.  I am not sure I can write off a whole species, but I do struggle sometimes to find a variety that I like.

So - hostas - I admit I am just not keen.  I think they are slug food, but I am being inconsistent as I love other plants I also regard as slug food and will put in the effort to ensure they survive.

The issue about being glaucous.  Ok, not all hostas are glaucous, and I am not opposed fundamentally to glaucous and yet I look around my garden and see many shades none of which are glaucous.  What's the best thing about being glaucus?  The word, it is a great word.

Which brings me to the point of this  (at last I hear you sigh)  At the weekend I moved some hostas, from there to over here.  Well, from the weird non-bog garden bit that I still struggle to find a use for, to the pond-side border.  I nearly composted them, very nearly.  Not sure why I didn't.  That sentimental part of me tries not to blame them for their kind.  I try not to blame them for them being planted in my garden against my express wishes.  I try to think it is not their fault.

But it is - and they have a few brief months to prove me wrong - or they are out!