Whittering, twittering and blogging

I first joined Twitter in 2008 by recommendation of my geeky kid brother.  I did a few half-hearted tweets then got bored and wandered off to have a virtual life on Facebook.  Last year I developed a new interest in Twitter largely due to the arrival of a new VC at work who has an impressive Twitter habit.  I started tweeting about my garden and suddenly people were following me and I found new people to follow and the whole thing has snowballed since then.  This has given me conversations with people I have never met.  I have had the temerity to tweet ‘celebs’ and know the tiny thrill when one actually replies (not often).  But the main excitement is the amount of gardening knowledge I am picking up every day from the amazing blogs of the people I am finding out about.  I am learning so much, tips, plant names I now desire and also about gardeners on other continents.  This is brilliant and I love it.

I love the blog-world too.  I have recently been accepted by Blotanical (which I would never have known about had the Patient Gardener not mentioned it in a tweet).  Being accepted felt like winning a nobel prize for literature.  Maybe I exaggerate a little, but I was delighted and excited and truly encouraged not to stop whittering on incessantly on line.

So maybe actually this is a warning – I am probably the monster you have created.


  1. I recently got accepted too so I thought I'd say hi

  2. It is a great achievement and then you find you are no 1700 or is it 1800 on the list. At the moment I have the time to do the blog but as the garden get's busier I fear the blogging will tail off a bit. I'm into FB but I've never got into twitter....would you recommend?

  3. @Janet - yes I would recommend Twitter - I didn't see the point of it for ages, but now it is such a brilliant network and if you focus on what you are interested in then you can meet and connect with some amazing people

  4. @Fay hi - I looked at your blog - really nice

  5. Ha ha - its all downhill from now! Love that your VC has a twitter habit, not sure mine knows what it is!!

  6. Welcome to blogging... and to Blotanical. So nice to have you join us!

  7. I haven't done the Twitter yet but as you know I do the blog thing. I agree, meeting all the new people with their various approaches to gardening has been a great experience. When Summer finally get here, if ever, I will probably cut back on the blogging because like you I want to be outside whenever I can. Here at the lake it is special, if working or just sitting and "absorbing" the place, very refreshing. Tell me more about yourself and your area. Always open to learning. Jack

  8. We have almost hit 2,600 at Blotanical. Literally another handful and we're there.
    Welcome to Blotanical!
    Just noticed on your sidebar, your garden also grows glass ... We found a couple of antique medicine bottles, that I see on my desk, as I write to you.
    Off to explore your new to me blog ...


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