Quince hedge

To you this may look like a straggly bit of quincy scrub- to me it is the evidence that my ornamental quince hedge will one day be a success.  It is sitting underneath the lounge window at the front.  The soil is poor and quite often dry, but it is a sunny and sheltered spot.

I wanted to have a quince hedge to remind me of the large ornamental quince shrub that used to be at my old house in Nottingham.  I didn't plant it, I was quite new to gardening at that point and didn't really know what it was.  But I loved its early flowers and how it attracted bees so early in the year.  So this hedge is a little bit of Nottingham here in Leicester.  Oh and for those of you who want to know - it is Chaenomeles superba Crimson and Gold.

and I have a question too - should I dig another pond?  I have a pond, dug about three years ago by a man with a digger and at the same time a bog garden was dug out and lined.  The plan of the pond changed somewhat and the bog garden ended up being a diembodied area with no real link to the pond.  It floats like a 1960s island bed.  I keep looking at it and trying to make it work more with how the garden is, but it just doesn't work.  So - my question is, should I give up and dig it out and make it into a second pond?  It won't take that much digging as the soil has not compacted from when it was created.  I could use the pierced butyl liner as an additonal liner for the new pond.  See, it sounds quite straight forward and almost easy - I am very tempted.......

This is the patch that could be a pond - see, it even looks like it wants to be a pond!  But are two ponds too many? and they still won't particularly link together, there will just be two ponds.  So much more thinking to do.


  1. I stop by from Blotanical. Pond was in my list in the beginning too. But I gave up because I heard it's hard o take care. It attracts mosquito...etc. Wait to see your pond.


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