Pandora's Box

So is it Spring yet?  It's the vernal equinox is today - so Spring is here.  I can stop asking 'are we nearly there yet'.  Yesterday was certainly a spring-like day - it was the day all the butterflies were let out of their box (apparently Pandora is a collector) - such joy at seeing a little fluttering. 

Love the clear blue of these anemones - they come up year after year, the wild bit of my garden shows spring first with its snow drops, then the crocuses.  As the crocuses start to go over the anemones start to show and the fritillaria meleagris are waiting in the wings.  

I have been dividing quite few plants this year, mainly geraniums and astrantias so far.  These are the plants that have been in the garden the longest, now in their fourth year, so they are getting quite large so they need dividing for their own health.  Also, and this is a big reason too, I have lots of new border I have to fill and plants for free are my best way of filling them.  This has two benefits - free plants are not a draw on my increasingly limited resources (thanks economic downtown!) but also it means that there is a nice rhythm developing across the garden.  The repetition of the same plants makes the informality of the planting less bitty and bobby.

So hello Spring - glad to see you again after such a long, cold winter.  Pandora has let the butterflies go and Hope is working overtime.


  1. It's hello to sping here in my part of Canada too. How lovely to walk around the garden without any snow and see the new growth apprearin. I just previewed and accepted your blog to Blotanical. I'm just a click away if you have any questions. Enjoy your garden.

  2. Being a bargain (cheapskate) gardener, I am all for lifting and dividing. Geraniums are great for this aren't they! Love the blue anemones, these are new to me, are they bulbs? I would love to have some in my garden. It has been been a lovely weekend. Ronnie

  3. Oh that reminds me that I should divide my Astrantia. Most of my plants are grown from seed so they haven't got to the size of being divided yet. I agree with you dividing plants or growing numerous ones from seed means that you can have repetition in the garden which makes it appear more of a whole. I have also started to plant in large groups or drifts which I am hoping will look fab as I definitely have a blobby garden!!

  4. I hope the butterflies are going to visit MY garden this year - I have just bought a Buddleia plant, which is supposed to be the butterflies' No.1 favourite...

  5. @ronniejt28 yes they are bulbs - also come in white - I try and plant another 20 or so every year so that I can one day have a mass effect.

  6. Lovely, lovely!

    Mine are just sprouts so far... in anemone form. They are my four-year-olds favorite, so hopefully will be here soon



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