Monty's return

So I have just watched last night's Gardener's World with the much awaited return of the Monty Don.  I have long been a fan of his relaxed but authoriative style.  I love the soothing sounds of his voice, but I have also found him a gardener I can identify with.  Things he says about his garden are things I have sometimes thought/felt about mine.  Its not a position from years of horticultural study (though  I wish I could find the time to do some proper horticultural study), its about having a relationship with this patch of land we call our garden.

What struck me immediately about last nights first episode was about how personal it felt to be shown around Monty's garden - you could tell from his voice the affection and the meaning the garden has for him.  I expect good things from this series.

But I do have to say that I like Toby Buckland's tenure on GW.  No he wasn't Monty, but he was good and I enjoyed watching him.  I would hope that the producers could find a role for him as the programme continues, lets not have a Stalinist rewrite that pretends he never existed, surely there is room on the screen for Monty and Toby?