End of month review

With due nod to the Patient Gardener I thought I would undertake my first end of month review.

My great joy at the moment is my magnolia.

This is flowering a good two weeks earlier than last year.  I removed some very low branches last year but the shape is good on this tree and I am nervous of spoiling it.

The pond border is still quite raw and new, but it is getting there.  It is only just starting its second year so I am hopeful that it will really fill out this year.

I've planted quite a few day lillies, some iris and roses.  Last year it looked ok, there is still a lot of bare earth, but it is getting better and the weeds are much less so far this year.

The veg beds are mainly in waiting at the moment for the major planting session.  The onions, garlic and broad beans are in and growing and I sowed from spinach seeds last week.  I have never grown spinach before so this is an adventure for me.

The spuds are in the conservatory chitting, I might put them out this weekend.

Another tree I am really fond of.  This is my Katsura, bought on the Isle of Man about two years ago now.  It is beautiful in just about every season, I love the new spring growth, it sparkles in the sun. 

The green house is not full yet, apart from full of potential and promise.

The sweet peas are coming on, as are the dianthus that are destined for the front garden.

Peas, cobra beans and some Cosmos Purity are all coming up nicely.  The covered pots at the end have various cuttings hopefully taking.  There are three cuttings from the Cistus that came with me from where I first lived when I moved to Leicester.  Also some Erysimum Bowles Mauve cuttings and Erysimum cheirii Harpur Crewe.  These both had original plants where I lived before I moved to Leicester.  They have great senitmental value and I take cuttings regularly to ensure that they do not die out.

Finally this is a bit tucked behind the Bramley apple tree.  This area, like most of the garden is still very much work in progress, but it is looking good at this time of the year and I am actually pleased with it.

March has been generally a good month.  Some frost, not that much rain and ended up being nicely mild.   Looking forward to April now.  A very busy month!


  1. Thank you for the invitation to view your garden. You certainly look very busy and self sufficient. Love the raised beds, how many do you have? I am also growing spinach for the first time, it will be interesting to compare progress. I sowed the seeds about two weeks ago and they are coming through now.

  2. I try and grow basic easy veg that I use alot - so onions, garlic, potatoes and the like. I've got seven raised beds and they are great, really pleased with them. It also forces me to grow veg so that they are properly in use.

  3. I love the End of the Month View - it's such a good idea, and I think of it as a sort of virtual yellow book (but without the scary county organisers). Your hellebores look lovely...


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