Broken Glass

Why is there so much broken glass in my garden?  Am I developing the first glass garden? Some of it is bottle glass, I even found one whole small bottle.  Most of it though is clear glass, thinish, plate.  I think it is probably from a long-gone greenhouse.

When I bought the garden (I bought the garden, the house just happened to come with it), the garden was largely a big lawn with a couple of trees.  No sign of a greenhouse that might have been there.  When digging the pond the glass started to emerge and suddenly I realised that there was quite a lot of it.  Plus a fair amount of old bolts and bits of wire. 

So should I call in Time Team?  Get Tony Robinson to find the source of the glass and amaze my neighbours with the glass-age village that used to be present on my back lawn?

Maybe not - I shall just continue picking it up and humming Nick Lowe songs whilst I do so.


  1. Hey that sounds like our garden. Lots of broken glass. I'm still picking it up. Our theory is that former owners were real party animals...
    I sing along to Imelda May when I'm collecting glass.

  2. I love finding "junk" while digging in the yard. I've found some of the tiles used in our bathroom floors (from 40 years ago), silverware, pieces of an *old* Pepsi bottle. It makes me remember that I'm not the first one to call this place home, but I am the first one to turn it into a garden. =)

  3. Hmm... That's how I started with my last (London) garden. First it was the glass, then the greenhouse footings, then the remains of an Anderson shelter. Oh, and a bed frame, parts of an old stove and socks. (This was about the time the police were digging for murder victims in Gloucester, so you can imagine the effect of uncovering old socks.)

    Good luck. Is your tetanus jab up to date?

  4. It's always fun to speculate who and what has been growing on your plot of earth before you inherited it. No treasure trove here unfortunately but some remnants of some most pretty china plate. If you tire of Nick Lowe there's always Annie Lennox's 'Walking on Broken Glass" to hum to :)

  5. @Anna I think I am saving Annie Lennox for a rainy day :-)

  6. @beangenie I have no idea when I last had a tetanus shot - now I need to find out! thanks


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