The Bridal Flowers 2 - all systems go

Suddenly it is time to get on with it, I have bought books, I have chatted with friends and made new friends from gaining advice on what to do and when. There have been deliveries and also an important check with the brides and now I know what I am working towards: bouquets and buttonholes.  I think that will be doable.
I have decided to get the dahlias started as they will be an important part of flowers.  Did I mention that the wedding is in early October?  That does present some challenges but also means that I can be a bit inventive as well (hopefully).
I do love a good dahlia and these are good dahlias, some were already showing glimmers of life.  I always think they are such ugly things when they arrive, there is something a bit alien or arachnid about them ....
 .... but they were soon potted up and watered and left to warm up nicely in the greenhouse.  Now to keep an eye on slugs when the shoots appear.

I know you will want details and you can have some but not all, I am allowed to keep somethings up my sleeve.  The dahlias potted up so far include:  Dark Butterfly, Ripples, Blank y Verde, Labyrinth, and quite a few Waltzing Mathilda as that is one my daughter's favourite flowers.  If you could all hold hands and wish the slugs away and for good bud development I will be very grateful.

Next I will probably sow some sweetpeas, I need to sow late so I still have some in October.  I'll let you know.

So the game is afoot!  Spectrum Is Green!

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