Tree Following - One wheel on my wagon

Our parents inflict their music on us, except I did not inflict my music on my children, I gave them the gift of great musical taste (funny how my parents said exactly the same thing......).  There is a song 'Three wheels on my wagon', it is a song I grew up with and was sung by the New Christy Minstrels.  Apperently it was written by Burt Bacharach, I think its fair to say it was not one he is best known for and there it is, wired into my brain, waiting to pop out when I least expect it.
So there I am, standing in front of my quince, thinking 'one quince on my wagon'.

I tweeted a picture of my lonesome quince, it was commented on that it was not plumping up very much.  It has not plumped up since that comment either.  I think if I touched it it might fall off, so I don't touch it.  I hold my breath.  I send it positive thoughts.

One quince on my wagon.....

Higgity, haggity, hoggety, high* as they say.

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(Three Wheels on my Wagon  music Burt Bacharach, Words Bob Hilliard 1961)