The neglected desk orchid

A long time ago, back in 2014, I was bought an orchid by my line manager.  It was a gift just as a thank you. It was in flower and I was really pleased with it though a little scared.  My track record with house plants is poor, though I have to say in recent years improving.  I also have been bought orchids before and achieved an 100% death rate.  However, the kind thought behind this gift made me look after it as it sat on my desk day in, day out.

Well, I say look after it, I mean I kept it pretty well watered but sadly my desk at that time was in the corner of the room that had no windows.  Myself and my orchid received no natural light as we sat there side by side.  I began to feel sorry for it after a while and tweeted a few pictures.
In May 2014 I got excited as it was showing a new leaf.  No more flowers, but a new leaf.  I saw this as a good sign.
Time passed and the new leaf developed, but I began to wonder if I was not aiming a little low just hoping for the odd new leaf.  By the time a few more weeks had passed I decided that the plant needed more than I was currently providing so I took it home and put it on the kitchen windowsill.  This meant that it got natural light but also had easy access to the tap.  I might actually water it if it was there.

After a few weeks of being at home I decided it needed something doing about its potting compost.  I know that they need free-draining special compost so I completely ignored this and filled in the gaps in its post with the multipurpose compost I had to hand.  I also began to feed it regularly as well.

Patience has its rewards, firstly a green shoot appeared.  The shoot grew longer and knobbly bits appeared on it.  I waited and waiting and then.....
the flowers began to open.
Am I pleased with it?  Yes I am.
Am I also a little bit pleased with myself, well yes I am as it is a) still alive and b) actually flowering again.  All is good.