Frankenstein gardening

The things I enjoy about this time of year include being able to get home from work in daylight so that I can have an evening inspection of the garden.  I know that I tend to follow the same route around as I go largely as Matt-cat will pre-empt my next stopping point and dash from section to section.  At the weekends I get time to attend to the now germinating fast weeds.  I get a real enjoyment from weeding.  Firstly I can see real, material difference from where I have weeded and where I haven’t.  In my day job I rarely see physical results (unless you count the amount of emails read), but in the garden I can see the difference I have made. 

Weeding also enables me to get up close and study what is happening.  I can see what has self-seeded and edit out the ones in the wrong place.  I can also do a little cutting back as I go along.  But best of all is the Frankenstein moment – when you look at that plant that you are certain has had it from the harsh winter, but instead you can shout ‘its alive!’ (much to the consternation of cats and neighbours).  Of course there are the zombie plants too, are they dead or the living dead.  I have an Erysimum 'Bowles' Mauve that fits into this category.  It is dead, I know it is dead, but the last of its green hasn’t quite withered away.  I took some half—hearted cuttings from the most green bits at the weekend in the hope that they may survive.  It’s not much of a hope though.

Whilst on a theme I might as well finish with the undead.  My two tree ferns have been dead for over a year now.  I really should remove them and admit that they are dead.  Yet still I keep peering into their crowns looking for a sign of life that is not a woodlouse.  I will remove them one day…… maybe in September when I am sure they are still dead.

Oh and I have frogspawn in the pond.  This is a relief.  My pond froze over completely and trapped at least three large frogs that I only spotted once they were truly dead and inflated.  I was worried that the lack of oxygen to the pond might have caused real damage, but it seems to be ok.  Frogspawn and dragonfly nymphs seem to be flourishing anyway.