Oh Sir Clough

I grow quite a few roses, I think all of them purchased from David Austin who is my all time favourite rose grower.  Partially I think because he clearly shares the love of Portmeirion as I do.  I already own his Rosa Portmeirion and Rosa Susan Williams Ellis; both magnificent roses.  However when I saw the rose named Sir Clough well I knew I had to buy one to complete the trinity.
So here it is, the beautiful, the wonderful, Sir Clough.
It is quite a dark neon pink and has this amazing yellow aura at the base of the petals.  It is the only what I would call traditional rose that I own, by which I mean when I was a child growing up in the 1970s I can only remember seeing tea roses, this particular shape and very little scent usually.  This is not a criticism, it just was the fashion of the time.  I have a large collection of roses but they are the old-fashioned cabbage type mainly and overwhelmingly bought for their scent.  I am quite strict in that if a rose has no scent it has no place in my garden (unless it sneaks in under another criteria).  Sir Clough does have a good scent though so it passes all criteria; its beautiful, great colour, wonderful scent and shape plus a good personal rationale for including it.  Every box is ticked.

It also occurred to me whilst looking at the rose buds what a perfect button-hole rose it is, I am toying with having rose button-holes for work, it would be a nice affectation.

So, he meets the most important criteria: he is beautiful, he has some scent and whilst he may not be named after Sir Clough Williams Ellis, I think that highly unlikely and in my head he is anyway so he completes my Portmeirion trio.


  1. Lovely colour, and that yellow aura is incredible

  2. great isn't it so pleased with it


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