Thursday, 10 May 2012

Daisy, daisy

We have had some considerable rain over the past couple of weeks.  This makes lawn cutting quite difficult as it never dries out long enough to be dealt with.  I am not a lawn-fanatic, it never gets special treatment but I do like to keep it quite neat on the formal lawns.  That sounds so pretentious it is ridiculous, but I have the wild bit of the garden, the front side lawn, the formal lawn and the dancing lawn (on which no one has ever danced).
When I lived at a previous house the lawn was much smaller and more narrow, no more than a path really.  It disappointed me hugely though as it did not have any daisies in it.  In my world it is not a proper lawn unless it has daisies growing in it.  Thankfully there is a wild flower nursery not too far away and I bought some lawn daisies.  People I knew thought I was bonkers introducing what they saw as weeds into my lawn, but I love them.  Clearly other people see them as problems too as I see web-pages dedicated to their eradication, so sad that this page recognises they are pretty yet does not suggest just letting them be.

I found it interesting that their latin name:  Bellis Perennis means 'in time of war, everlasting', not sure if that is a good or bad comment on them?  The common name daisy is a derivative of the words 'day's eye' because the flower opens and closes according to the sun. 

When I first moved into this house there was one small patch of daisies growing.  I try not to mow them every time I mow the lawn to let them flower and seed a bit and now there are three or four patches.  They are coming on quite well.
The dandelions are coming on well too, I am not so fond of them, but they are pretty.  I do mow them though.  As ever the judgement of what is deemed pretty and acceptable as opposed to what we see as the plant in the wrong place and a nuisance makes its random and often inconsistent judgements on what lives or dies.
Who has not sat and plucked the petals from a daisy wondering if s/he loves me, s/he loves me not? Daisies are also used for making daisy-chains.  I will leave the D H Lawrence readers to their own thoughts at this point.....

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